We design, manufacture, and install trade show exhibits, graphics, signage, and more!

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We will schedule a meeting with your strategic team to discuss the overall direction of the project as well as specific deliverables you hope to achieve with its execution.

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With targeted questions, as well as a strategic analysis of the concept, our team will propose ideas, listen to feedback and provide a road map from start to finish.


Our designers will transform your key message, branding and design elements into a powerful, dynamic package that turns heads. 


Every idea, design and concept requires ongoing review to make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the project. Once all details are refined and client adjustments made, our team will bring the project to life! 


At this point, our craftsmen get to work to turn your dream into a reality. All of the buildout is done in-house, which allows us to complete your project from start to finish in one place, cutting down on lead time and costs for you.


We will invite you into our warehouse and production facility for an installation of your project to ensure you are completely satisfied with it before the initial activation.

We’re ready to turn your idea into a reality

We design, manufacture, and install interior displays, graphics and signage, and more


For Instagram, we created a mirrored tunnel that featured hanging, two-sided, acrylic emojis that was super fun and very shareable. People could also snap photos in front of a 3-dimensional glyph of the Facebook Gaming logo.







The design delivered an open and high-end feel the event demands. Lutton explains, The client made a big jump into a sexy exhibit that looks like a page out of a Vogue photo shoot. From complex engineering to unique design features, this is the “devil in the details” exhibit. 





B-to-B with jaw-dropping activations were made for several big names at Gamescom. We created deliverables that included elaborate custom exhibits and never-before-seen interactive experiences—can we say glass elevator, giant slide, live entertainment, life-size, hand-crafted 3-D character statues, esports stages, and MORE! 



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Frequently asked questions

The cost of displays varies widely. This is because there are three different types. Ranging from cheapest to most expensive, they are pop-ups/portables, modular, and custom-built. The key to remember when discerning which path is right for you is to remember your goals. How many and what type of leads are you seeking to acquire? What is the most effective way to market to them with the space you have reserved at your trade show?

Yes! The Trade Group specializes in helping companies exhibit outside of the U.S. We are a full-service, single source of dozens of clients every year. We are proud members of the Octanorm Service Partner International (OSPI) Network, which connects us with more than 150 service providers worldwide.

It depends on the type of displaying your organization needs, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your timeline. A large, complex, custom display can take several months to complete from concept to creation since we are designing and building it from the ground up. If you need a smaller display, a good rule of thumb is 30 days. This helps ensure neither you nor The Trade Group is rushed. However, every trade show exhibit project requires a unique timeline. Need a display at the last minute? Talk with one of our sales consultants, as we may be able to accommodate your needs. You might also consider an exhibit rental or take advantage of expedited delivery options.

If you’re looking for an award-winning, one-stop shop for all of your trade show needs, contact us. For more than 30 years, we have helped organizations like yours improve ROI at events and can provide support and insight every step of the way. Our team is available to guide you or lend a helping hand for trade show needs big and small.


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