Tradeshow & Exhibit Trends for Natural Products Expo West 2022

Natural Products Expo West is back in action starting 2022! It’s been two years since their last in-person event. Last year they hosted a virtual show and then a modern experimental pop-up in Las Vegas. So, what will it look like this year?
Are you unsure of what to expect for a return to a face-to-face venue? Let us dispel some of your concerns with our experience from attending in-person events over the last year and our expertise on emerging tradeshow and exhibit trends that will help you get ahead of the crowd.
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  • Insights into the direction of tradeshow events to help set your expectations
  • Critical trends for Exhibits to help you understand how you can make a greater impact
  • Helpful insight for trends in the Natural Products Industry so you can find where your product stands out
  • And much more!